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Dawson’s Creek is Providential

December 12, 2010

I picked my college almost entirely based on the fact that it reminded me of Dawson’s Creek.  No really, you think I am kidding here, but rest assured, this statement is fact.  As a high school senior, I was so obsessed with the show that I was convinced my life would be as drama-filled and passionate as the characters’ if I just found my way to the New England seaside where the show was supposedly set.  On the last college visit I took to a private school in Massachusetts, my mom and I were sitting harborside on a bench and watching small fishing boats come in.  The sun was reflecting off the water and in that moment I decided that if I went to college here, it would be inevitable that I would become like Joey Potter from my favorite show.  I already dressed like her, and undoubtedly if I took up residence on the east, I would have two attractive and overly articulate teen heart-throbs fighting for my heart.  The logic was flawless.

It’s safe to say that my life did not exactly turn out like Joey Potter’s.  No men chased after me while I ran across their lawns at night, no one built me a white picket fence, and I did not sail off with my new love after proclaiming, “I think I’m in love with you.”  My Dawson’s Creek fanhood eventually died off as I grew older, but ironically I have ended up staying on the east coast after falling in love with a boy who is now my husband.  While my life did not at all turn out like the show, the place it drew me to is now my home.

I leave my house for work before the sun is even up, and on these terribly cold New England mornings I have little to smile about while my fingers turn purple on the steering wheel of my car.  I am freezing and grumpy and wishing I had gone out and turned on my car for 10 minutes before I got in it.  I curse myself for this error in judgement.

I turn the corner to cross through the center of my historic town.  There is a large white steeple church in the center, a public library that lines half of the block, and a red brick Town Hall on the opposite corner.  I pass a few joggers in their hats and mittens and as I come to the main thoroughfare, I notice for the first time that our Town Commons has Christmas lights over all the trees.  I am caught completely off guard on my morning drive that the red, blue, white, green, and yellow strands are hanging in every direction I look.  It is a rainforest of lights with dangling swoops of lights and color draping down from colossal trees.  It is so picturesque that I stop to consider if this moment is real.  I am driving under a canopy of lights, and in those 30 seconds that I go through the center of town it is like a little fantasy world.  It is like a scene from my beloved adolescent TV show.

Although the sanely thinking person would acknowledge God as the One who providentially guided me to the place and the man and the job I have today, who is to say He couldn’t have worked through television?  Who’s to say divine guidance can’t come to us in the strangest of ways?  Because as I continue on my drive I have to sheepishly admit – my life  does mirror a few things from Dawson’s Creek.  Just a few…

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