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A Beer Pong Christmas

December 16, 2010

My family likes traditions.  Growing up we used to see a movie together every Christmas Eve, eat at Macaroni Grill so we could color on the table cloths, and go home to read The Night Before Christmas in front of the tree before going to bed.  My sister and I always slept in my room so we could stare at the lights on the houses across the field.  Everyone had their very own stocking holder that went in the same spot on the mantle each year.  Santa left them at the same spot in the living room each year.  And Christmas dinner was never complete without Mom’s famous Cranberry Ice.  We have come to depend on our traditions.

A few weeks ago, my family was together in a hotel room after one of my brother’s college soccer games.  We were lying around, reminiscing about old memories of growing up, and my brother announced a new Christmas tradition he would like to start: beer pong.

While my first reaction to Family Beer Pong was toward the sacrilegious, I have started to see some positives the more I have considered this new tradition.

1.  It revitalizes the idea of “Family Game Night”

2.  The red cups promote holiday festiveness

3.  The couples-teams provide opportunity for marital bonding

4.  After several rounds, there is a chance my father might sing Christmas carols

5.  After several more rounds, we might all be on our knees like the Wise Men

I recognize that this is not the holiday game of choice for most families.  And I will admit, there is probably good reason for that, but my family is not like most families.  We have been a home of mistakes and joy and reality and grace.  We have been a home consistently growing in our humble love for God and each other.  While we discuss a beer pong Christmas, my brother has his arm around my shoulder and my head is resting against his.  My mom rubs my sister’s back while she bursts out laughing at the thought of my dad running around a ping pong table.  My husband winks at me as I make a point to mention the Christmas church service we should all attend.  There is no denying how much love is in this room.  A lot of ridiculous, but a lot of love.

So this Christmas I might sing praises to my Savior, offer prayers of thanksgiving for His birth, and then meet my family in the basement for a rousing game of beer pong.  Our holiday might seem unconventional to some, but if this time of year is all about family, I have to admit – we do family really well.  And who knows, maybe as each person drinks they will allow me to read a Scripture verse from the nativity story?  A fair compromise, yeah?

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  1. Hermanito permalink
    December 16, 2010 6:29 pm

    hahaha we’re awesome

  2. Jaena Barker permalink
    December 16, 2010 11:45 pm

    I love it. I think Taylor is really onto something. Safe travels home to all of the Kemp’s, Valentin’s and Peck’s!
    Ps. I know what you’re getting for Christmas!! : )

  3. November 2, 2011 2:03 pm

    Too funny!! We have been doing a family beer pong tournament for 5 years now! I was searching ideas for this years t-shirts. We started with our sons and a few friends that were alone on christmas eve and has grown into a very anticipated event each year with around 20 people crammed into our garage. Everyone must stay the night and we get up and cook everyone breakfast. We love it and in a twisted way is a special bonding time for friends and family!

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