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June 6, 2011

I click and the page pops up.  It is colorful.  It is pretty.  There is font scrolling in an eloquent dance across the bottom of the screen.  There are pictures aligning the sides, and they are labeled.  Labeled sections of writing that have been filling this blogging site for years.  I click on one of the pictures.  It takes me to another dimension of the blog.  I have uncovered another hidden cavern of this writing cave, and as I continue journeying through it, I find the paths go deeper and deeper and deeper into an intricate labyrinth of words.

I am instantly jealous.  My blog is nothing like the one I am looking at. I do not have fancy pictures.  I do not have running headers or various tabs or different categories that have punctuated my life.  I do not know how to insert photos.  I have yet to discover how to display popular posts.  I do not even know how to change my own font color.  I have barely managed to figure out how to save my work, well alone link and categorize and fanc-i-fy with all of the latest fanfare these spaces have to offer.  My blog is just writing.  Just words.

I continue to look at this other blog.  It is lovely.  Like a living, breathing, moving scrapbook.  It has badges (what in the Heavens are those?), and icons and words that change shapes when my mouse hovers over them (how do I do that?).  I am instantly struck by the need to turn my writing into a tangible place.  A location.  A visiting spot.  An interactive experience for those who want to partake.  A place people will come to sit down with their cup of coffee as readily as they would a Starbucks.  How exactly does one make that happen?  Is that what writing should be now?

This idea of crafting a writing space (impressed with my use of italics?)  is a new phenomenon for me. And my learning curve leaves much to be desired.  For now, I am somewhat content to just sit in envy of others.  I am content to try and learn and observe from others’ work of making writing just as much a physical space as it is a mental one.  I try, and I will just keep trying.  This concept of living language and tactile words reminds me of a Sleeping at Last song (heard of them?).  I shall leave you with a few lines from “Hold Still”…

If all words are cameras,
Hold still.
Shutters slide to unveil
Fingerprints of angels
And a language made of film

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  1. June 10, 2011 9:40 pm

    Your blog is much more than *just* words. Your blog is your heart, pieces of you set out for others to see. If you are like me, sometimes you set these bits out willingly, boldly, and other times the reveal comes with fear, hesitation, some self-doubt… each time you hit ‘publish’ you are taking a leap. Your blog is very much more than *just*words. Keep writing, friend. And nevermind about the bells and whistles. Your heart shines through and there is no need to adorn it more than you truly want to. Bless you on your blotting journey, may the Glory be always His. 😉

  2. June 10, 2011 9:42 pm

    That’s *blogging* not blotting journey :p

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