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A Letter to My Nephew

May 15, 2012

Dear Brayden,

You are two days past your due date, little buddy. Two whole days of anticipation and build-up and waiting and excitement on behalf of your parents. Two days of agonizing and hoping and praying that each little twitch or tug or pull is the start of your arrival. Everybody is waiting. The outside world might feel a little tense and angsty, so I wanted to write you a letter to tell you not to worry. To tell you it’s okay to come out when you’re ready. To tell you there is a whole lot of love and joy in this place we all call home.

I remember when your mommy called to tell me she was pregnant. I instantly burst into tears, which I think may have caught her off guard. And your mommy was pretty speechless too. You were the start of a whole new life. Her love and surprise and anticipation were palpable (yes, it’s a big word, but I promise to teach it to you soon) and I could tell she was just soaking you in. Just sitting there and letting the reality of this little baby consume her. She couldn’t even begin to know how you’d change her life. Even now, two days past her due date, and she still won’t know how you will change her life until you come.

And then I remember finding out you were a boy. Oh boy. What would I do with a nephew? I honestly thought you were going to be a girl (sorry, bud). Would I be cool enough for you? Would you still want to come visit me on your Spring Breaks if you were going to be a boy? How could your Cool Aunt compete with the athletic skills of Mom and Dad? Yikes, I needed a game plan. So I started picturing you in my kitchen. I started picturing your shoes and your backpack and your little hands. I started picturing us talking and reading and building Lego ships. And then I got really excited. I got really excited for this little nephew of mine – a new little buddy who I could love and spoil and adore – and then give back to his parents. I knew ours would be a special kind of relationship, and Brayden, I’m so excited to build that with you. I really, truly am.

There is a lot of love out here waiting for you.

There is a lot of joy to be experienced.

There is a whole new life that awaits.

I know you’ll come out when you’re ready. I know, right now, God still has his fingers intertwined with yours. I know God is still deep in conversation with you, knitting your hairs together, and writing his name in your heart. I don’t want that process to be interrupted, so you know what? We’ll just have to wait.

We’ll wait for God’s good promises to be fulfilled in his time.

We’ll wait because we trust you’re coming.

We’ll wait because you already bring us closer together.

We’ll wait because we know good things are worth waiting for.

You are loved by so many, just come and see.


Auntie L

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