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May 21st

May 22, 2012

Another little letter to my very little nephew.

Dear Brayden,

I went to work today.

I drove my car in the rain. I spoke with co-workers. I ate my lunch and drank my (very) small cup of coffee and walked up and down a few flights of stairs in my building. I read papers. I wrote down grades. I put my arm around a teenage girl in crisis. It was an ordinary day.

I went for a check-up to see how your little cousin is growing inside of me. I came home. I continued with my work.

And then the most wonderful thing happened.

You were born.

I was typing on my computer,

and you were born.

I was pulling a blanket over my legs,

and you were born.

I was sipping water from my clear glass cup,

and you, you little baby, were born.

How is it that the miraculous invades the ordinary with such tender grace?

How is it that Heaven comes together with Earth and doesn’t make a sound?

How do ten little fingers and ten little toes bring a room of people to tears?

How do squishy pink cheeks and curly black hair change the course of an entire family’s life, forever?

In one instant, nothing that was the same remained.

In one instant, nothing that was ordinary was left untouched.

In one instant, the stars split wide and angels sung their blessings over us.

In just one instant, there you were.

In just one instant, here you are.

It is the most extraordinary miracle, isn’t it? To witness the moment when God reaches down, and lets his lips kiss the earth.

Welcome home, sweet baby boy. You’ve changed everything.

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  1. pastordt permalink
    May 23, 2012 12:12 am

    I love this SO much I cannot even write it down. Welcome to the world, baby boy. You are blessed in your family. And they are blessed in you.

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