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To Anna, My Pedicure Woman

July 24, 2012

Dear Anna,

You are a goddess.

You are a miracle worker.

You are the best person I know today.

It’s difficult to decipher whether or not one will connect with their pedicure woman on any given day. Unless I request a certain person, which I often don’t, the whole process is kind of a toss up. Whenever I’m led back to my chair, I often wonder how my relationship with my pedicure woman will go. Will she accidentally clip my skin? Will she gossip about how ugly my feet are to the co-worker sitting next to her? Will she think I’m a snob for not engaging in conversation? Will she judge my clothes?

Talk about real-world problems of the upper middle class.

But today, dear Anna, I got you. It was as if the universe reached down and handed me a gift. A lovely, humble gift in the form of a very small, very slender, very delicate little woman.

We connected today, Anna.

You got me.

You knew I didn’t want to talk, and you didn’t make me. You knew my feet needed to soak for longer than normal, and you allowed them to sit in the gurgling green bubbles. You knew to dim the light above my head when you gave me a calf massage, and you knew the little spot beneath my ankles needed a little extra care today.

You got me. We connected. Can pedicure women go on dates with their clients? I would have asked you to coffee afterward if you wouldn’t have thought that was weird.

God love you, sweet Anna.

You are a giver of good gifts.

I will never again put my pedicure fate into the hands of another.

You’re my girl now.


33 weeks pregnant

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