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why I wish we’d all just stop talking…

January 9, 2014
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This morning, a good friend had the good grace to email me the link to this article:

“Just Because He Breathes: Learning to Truly Love Our Gay Son”

I am posting it because I want everyone to read it.

But more than I want everyone to read it, I want everyone to stop and hear it. Hearing a story is one of the most challenging things for any one of us to do. Hearing involves quieting our inner voices. Hearing involves moving beyond listening, and allowing ourselves to actually absorb the words. Hearing means we don’t jump to comment right away – we don’t speak, we don’t rebuttal, we don’t offer condolences or judgments or our own experiences.

When we hear, we are quiet.

We don’t assume our own experience is worth more than the person’s sharing.

We let our arrogance fall around us like pieces – and allow ourselves to realize that, yes, I have something to learn from you too.

When we hear, we are students and not teachers.

We let silence into the conversation.

Because in silence, perhaps – maybe – God is able to speak and be better heard.

In silence, perhaps, there is the greatest chance for someone else’s story to become a part of our own.

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